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How to Create a DIY Rain Machine that Actually Looks Great On-Camera

Caleb Ward

Learn how to create realistic rain in this awesome DIY video tutorial.

If you’ve ever been on a shoot that calls for fake rain you’re likely aware that it can be incredibly tricky to make it believable. While having a P.A. hold their thumb over a garden hose may be a quick fix, it isn’t necessarily the best way to convey realistic rain.

The following tutorial by director and cinematographer Tom Antos shows us how to create a realistic rain machine for around $50. The video covers two different methods: a cheap method and a durable method that can easily be taken apart. Both are great options depending on your on-set needs.

You’ll need to make a quick trip to the hardware store in order to make these DIY rain machines, but they’re so simple your grandma could do it.

Let’s break down the cost…

Cheaper DIY Rain Machine

Cheaper DIY Rain Machine Option: $22

  1. Sprinkler & Soaker Hose –  10$ on Amazon 
  2. 3/4 copper clad clamps – $4 on Amazon
  3. 4 pieces of 1×4 wood board – $8 at Home Depot

Rugged DIY Rain Machine

Rugged DIY Rain Machine Option: $53

  1. 3/4 PVC pipe: 4 pieces that are 5 feet long – $5 at Home Depot
  2. PVC Cement – $7 on Amazon
  3. Plummers Tape – $1 on Amazon
  4. Sprinkler Head extenders 1.5 in x 4 – $5 on Amazon
  5. Sprinkler heads – $8 on Amazon
  6. T Bars for PVC pipe x 4 – $9 on Amazon
  7. 3/4 in PVC End Cap – $9 on Amazon
  8. PVC to garden hose adapter – $9 on Amazon

In addition building the rain machine, this DIY tutorial covers a few topics related to using DIY rain on set including:

  • Various rainfall patterns
  • How rain looks on camera
  • Adding lights to rain

This video was first shared by Tom Antos on his YouTube channel.  

Have any other tips for building a DIY Rain Machine? Share in the comments below.