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Create Your Own 3D Holograms

Caleb Ward

Create 3D holograms without a laboratory – this video will show you how.

It’s no secret that holograms are the stuff of future technology, but did you know holograms have been used for over 400 years? They were created using the Pepper’s Ghost technique – a trick that’s super easy to create at home. The technique, often found in children’s museums, has had a recent claim to fame for bringing Tupac to Coachella in 2012. If you haven’t seen that video watch right now.

Warning Explicit Lyrics…it’s Tupac after all:

Do it Yourself Hologram

Feel inspired to make your own? The process is surprisingly simple. All you really need is some glass or plexiglas and a subject. Place your glass or Plexiglas at a 90 degree angle to the subject you are trying to simulate. If lit correctly the illusion should make it seem like your subject is floating in air. The following video tutorial by DIY Hacks shows us how to do the technique in more detail. You can pick up plexiglas sheets from your local hardware store for under $20.

The Peppers Ghost technique isn’t the only way people are making holograms. In fact, Apple has just recently patented a hologram technology that uses concave mirrors instead of a flat plane of glass. Other techniques include light projections in mist or intersecting beams of light. For filmmakers however, the most practical technique is probably Pepper’s Ghost.

Interested in seeing a variety of Holograms in action? Check out this video demonstrating some of the different effects you can do from home.

This video was first shared by ShanksFX on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing!

Have any other tips for creating holograms? Share in the comments below.