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Creating Pseudo Effects in After Effects

Caleb Ward

Learn how to condense and organize your expression based presets using Pseudo Effects in After Effects.

If you’ve had any experience with creating expression based templates or presets in AE, than you probably know how disorganized your control layers can look. Usually there is no fixing this problem. However, with a little HTML editing and basic scripting, you can easily create simple Pseudo Effects in After Effects. Pseudo Effects are sometimes referred to as “custom expression controls” or “custom effect controls.” Whatever you call them, they can add a level of organization to your presets.

Pseudo Effects Example

In the following video tutorial created by Jesse Toula of BatchFrame, we’ll take a look at how to create Pseudo Effects in After Effects. This tutorial covers:

  • Expression Controllers
  • Basic HTML Coding
  • Basic ExtendScript Scripting

If you’re new to scripting, you can also check out Jesse’s AE Scripting Series on the BatchFrame website. If you want to learn more about writing expressions in After Effects, check out a few of the following resources on the PremiumBeat blog:

Have any other After Effectstips for using or integrating Pseudo Effects into your current After Effects workflow? Share in the comments below.