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Creative Inspiration: Open Source Demo Reels

Caleb Ward

Look under the hood of an impressive motion design video – check out this recent reel with corresponding project files.

Movecraft Open Source Demo Reel

For the aspiring designer it can sometimes be difficult to understand the work that goes into creating impressive motion graphics. For inspiration you may look at tutorials, but without hands-on experience with the project files it’s often challenging to learn increasingly complex techniques.

Motion designer, Colin Sebestyen is trying to help solve this problem. When he released his 2014 demo reel he decided to allow people to not only download the demo reel but also download the project files from the demo reel – totally free. The project files give us keen insights into how he meticulously created each VFX scene and serve as a hands-on way of looking into his creative process.

When stating his views on what motion designers should do with source files Colin said ” Just as a painting you may own does you no good sitting in your basement unseen, your source files don’t do much backed up on a hard drive”. Below is Colin’s “open source” demo reel:

Want to get your hands on those project files? There is step by step instructions on how to download the project files on Colin’s website. The downloads include After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D files. Thanks for sharing Colin!

Visit Greyscale Gorilla for more info on Colin’s open source project.

Thinking of making your next demo reel open source? What do you think of this approach? Share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below!