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Custom Transitions in Avid Media Composer

Caleb Ward

Create custom transition using this simple technique in Avid Media Composer.

Instead of using simple built-in transitions, try building your very own custom transitions in Avid using the technique described in the following video tutorial by editor and power Twitter user Shane Ross. Custom transitions can be saved after they are made, making it easier for the editor. The video covers:

  • The add edit button
  • Using a filler layer
  • Using the effects editor
  • Creating blur transitions
  • Creating flash transitions
  • Saving custom transitions using bins

You can save custom transitions by simply dragging the transition from the effects editor down to a bin. The ability to save transitions is really handy in Avid Media Composer, but be careful over the top transitions can distract from the actual video.

This video was first posted by Shane Ross on his Vimeo channel. Thanks for sharing Shane!

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