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After Effects Hack: Opening Multiple Projects Simultaniously

Caleb Ward

Learn how to open multiple copies of After Effects with this helpful hack.

If you’re working on multiple projects at the same time, you may have found that it is impossible to have more than one project open at the same time in After Effects. This can be frustrating for users that are working on a bunch of projects concurrently – the constant saving, closing projects, opening others, jumping back and forth.

In the following video tutorial we learn a hack for having multiple After Effects projects open at the same time on your system.

1. Find the After Effects CC folder on your computer.

AE Hack 1

2. Right-Click After Effects and Select ‘Show Package Contents’.

AE Hack 2

3. Navigate to the MacOS Folder.

AE hack 3

4. Double-Click ‘After Effects’.

AE Hack 4

There you go! This video was first shared by Joren Kandel on The Pixel Lab Vimeo Channel. Thanks for sharing Joren!

Have you had any trouble using this hack? Share in the comments below.