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After Effects Video Tutorial: Getting a Hand Drawn Effect

Caleb Ward

Learn to simulate hand drawn animation in this After Effects tutorial.

Sometimes sleeker isn’t necessarily better. If the style of your projects calls for an organic, hand drawn look check out the following After Effects video tutorial by Daniel Brodesky for LesterBanks.com. The tutorial covers the fundamentals of animating in After Effects, including:

  • The Roughen Edges effect
  • Fractal Noise
  • Transfer Modes
  • Shape Paths

Hand drawn doesn’t have to mean amateur or rudimentary. When purposefully designed and executed, this animation style can give your project an organic or whimsical look.

This video was first shared on LesterBanks.com – an awesome online resource for the latest tutorials and inspiration on motion graphics and animation.

If you enjoy the look and feel of hand-drawn animation than I highly recommend checking out our interview with motion designer Cento Lodigiani. He helped create a visual guide to the 12 principles of animation created by the animators at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Know of any other ways to create a hand-drawn look in After Effects? Share in the comments below.

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