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Final Cut Pro X Video Tutorial: Creating Custom Frame Sizes

Caleb Ward

Break free from 16:9 with custom frame sizes in FCPX.

Whether you are editing a video that will be viewed on a video wall, a phone or an IMAX screen, creating a custom frame size may be necessary for your project. It’s not a complicated process to modify the frame size in FInal Cut Pro X, but it’s important to know where these settings are and how to change them. The following video tutorial by editor Dan Allen demonstrates how it’s done:

  • Custom frame sizes
  • Creating phone resolutions
  • Panning
  • Cropping anamorphic frame bars
  • Pasting clip attributes

This video was first shared on Dan Allen’s YouTube channel. You can see more of Dan Allen’s work on his website.

Video Resolutions Chart

Not sure what resolution you need? The following chart has a few popular resolutions that you should know.

SD 640 × 480
HD 720 1280 × 720
HD 1080 1920 x 1080
Digital Cinema 2K 2048 × 858
Ultra HD 3840 × 2160
4K 4096 × 2160
6K 6144 × 3160
IMAX 5616 × 4096
8K 7680 x 4320


If you are interested in learning more about resolutions check out the following resources:

Have any other tips for creating custom frame sizes? Share in the comments below.