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FCPX Video Tutorial: How to Fix Rolling Shutter

Caleb Ward

Learn how to easily reduce rolling shutter in this FCPX video tutorial.

Rolling Shutter is one of the most annoying aspects of shooting video in a digital age. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term ‘rolling shutter‘ you have probably encountered it while shooting video. Rolling shutter is a phenomenon that creates wobbly or “Jello-like” footage when panning or shooting a fast moving object. It occurs because, unlike film cameras of years past, most modern cameras don’t expose the entire sensor at the same time. Instead the sensor exposes from top to bottom causing horizontal shifting to occur.

Rolling shutter shown on guitar strings.

To combat this problem, higher-end cameras are beginning to introduce global shutters that expose the entire sensor at once, just like old film cameras. Unfortunately these cameras are pretty expensive. Luckily for us, this video tutorial from TheHowToMac demonstrates how to reduce rolling shutter in Final Cut Pro X. The video covers:

  • Identifying Rolling Shutter
  • The Rolling Shutter Tool
  • Rolling Shutter and Motion Tracking

Are you more of an Adobe person? Check out our post about reducing rolling shutter using Premiere Pro.

This video was first shared on TheHowToMac’s YouTube Channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Have any tips for reducing rolling shutter? Are global shutters worth the cost? Share in the comments below.