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FCPX Video Tutorial: Moving Markers Between Clips

Caleb Ward

Learn how to easily move markers between clips in this Final Cut Pro X video tutorial.

Markers are a great collaborative tool in FCPX. Markers allow video editors to add edit notes, to-do items, and chapters. But if you’ve ever tried to copy and paste multiple markers between video clips you’ve probably been disappointed.

T. Payton has created a helpful video tutorial about copying markers across multiple video clips. The tutorial covers:

  • Copying Multiple Markers
  • Trimming Clips to Sync Markers
  • Revealing Markers on Trimmed Clips

The techniques used in this tutorial are useful for changing out proxies, adding in synced video files, and copying markers between new versions of a project.

This video was first shared by T. Payton on his YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing!

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Know of any other ways to move markers between clips in FCPX? Share in the comments below