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Free Animated Icon Set for Video Editors

Caleb Ward

These moving icons are perfect for informative videos… and the best part is they’re free!

If you edit a lot of work for businesses, then chances are you use animated icons from time to time. Icons can be a great way to make boring information fun… or at the very least, more entertaining. In order to help you with your motion graphics projects, we’ve created 20 free motion icons.

20 Free Icons

This free pack includes 20 hand-made icons, designed to be easily dragged and dropped into your video. Here’s a quick demo of the icons in action:

Demo music “Trap to the Future” available for license on PremiumBeat.

The icons are all pre-rendered footage, meaning they’ll work in any video editing or motion graphic software. The icons were all created in After Effects and you’ll see the project file included in the download.

Free Animated Icons Example

Using the Free Icon Set

To use the icons, simply drag and drop them into your NLE of choice. The icons all include alpha channels, meaning their background will be transparent. Depending on the duration needed for your video, you can change the speed by simply time remapping or cutting out the clips. All of the clips are white by default, but their color can be easily changed if you simply use a quick fill effect.

Free Moving Icon Examples

Here’s a link to download the video editing assets. Simply click the button below and unzip the file. Inside you’ll see a folder with the icons footage, the After Effects project file, and a ‘Read Me’ document.


You’re free to use the icons on any project, we just ask that you don’t distribute the icons in any way.  If you want even more icons, I recommend checking out the ‘Free Circle Bursts’ freebie over on RocketStock.

Have any tips for using icons on projects? Share in the comments below!