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Free Call Sheet for Film and Video Projects

Caleb Ward

Organize your production with this free call sheet template.

One of the most powerful tools for organizing your film and video shoots is a call sheet. A call sheet is, to a point, the way in which you communicate information regarding your shoot to your cast and crew. Call sheets range from extremely complex to incredibly simple, but at the end of the day it’s all about organization. To help you we’ve created a free call sheet template. You can download the free call sheet template below, but before that why not learn a little more about how a call sheet works. Let’s begin:

What is a call sheet?

Communication is key when it comes to a film/video set. There’s a lot of logistics involved in production coordination: call times, organizing crew and vendors, what to wear, where to park, where to be…the list goes on and on.

A call sheet includes all of the most important information that needs to be conveyed to your cast and crew before they show up on set. This will save you the trouble of calling, texting, or emailing all of the information to individuals.

Filling Out a Call Sheet

Successful call sheets are typically highly organized and ultra-helpful, so they shouldn’t be taken lightly. A little time spent filling out a call sheet will help your sanity once it comes down to the day of the shoot. You don’t want to miscommunicate and have an actor not be able to show up. Been there done that…it’s not fun.

On most productions an AD (Assistant Director) and production coordinator will fill out the call sheets for the next day, but may vary depending on the size (and reliability) of the crew.

Ensure all the information is 100% accurate. One incorrect number in the address box and your camera equipment ends up across town.

Once your call sheet is filled out you can either print them out (bad for trees), or you can email them via PDF (good for trees). Either way is fine, but the thing to remember is the sooner the call sheet goes out the better. If you wait around to the last minute you will inevitably run into scheduling conflicts with your cast and crew.

How to Fill Out a Call Sheet

Call Sheet Screenshot

A call sheet is incredibly straight forward to fill out. Simply fill in the information presented on the form to the best of your knowledge. The more information you’re able to provide the better. The form will also help you organize and prepare for the shoot ahead. Things like parking can often go forgotten if you aren’t reminded by the call sheet.

To fill out the following free call sheet, simply fill in the necessary fields with the appropriate information. On a Mac you can use preview to manipulate the interactive version. On a PC you can use Word. Feel free to download the call sheet template below.


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How do you typically use a call sheet? Share in the comments below.