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Free Location Release Form for Film and Video Productions

Caleb Ward

Lock your locations down with this free Location Release Form for film, TV, and video productions.

Securing a great location is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding part of the pre-production process. Unless you happen to be a big-time director, chances are you don’t get the privilege of shooting all of your videos on a sound-stage. Because of this issue, the “Location Release” was born. In the following post, we’ll take a look at what a location release is, how it’s used, and give you a link to download a well designed location release form for your next big video project.

What is a location release form?

Location Release Header

In a nutshell, a Location Release Form is used to protect both the location owner and the production company from any confusion that may arise regarding the production location. The Location Release Form outlines when a location will be used, the dates of use, an insurance agreement, and an acknowledgment of liability.

When is a location release form used?

Typically a Location Release Form will be filled out well before the day of the production. It is also advised that you have a copy of the Location Release Form with you on the day of production. It will help you if any disputes come up regarding your right to shoot in the given location.

How is a location release form used?

Fill out each field in the Location Release Form and have the location owner sign and date it. You will need to make a copy of this form for the owners records, your production company’s records, and an extra copy to bring with you on the day of the shoot. If any issue should arise regarding your right to shoot at the location on the day of the shoot, you can show the release form to whom it may concern.

You can download the form by clicking the text below. There are two templates that are included in the download: One to fill out by hand and another to fill out on a computer. You can use Preview on a Mac or Adobe Acrobat on a PC to edit the computer template.


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Have any tips for using a Location Release Form? Share experiences with us in the comments below.