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Free Location Fact Sheet for Film and Video Productions

Caleb Ward

Everything you need to check when location scouting is on this easy-to-use free location fact sheet.

Finding the perfect location is hard, especially on an indie film budget. Unlike the big boys in Hollywood, indie filmmakers aren’t afforded the luxury of shooting on a backlot or soundstage. In fact, we’re often forced to shoot in locations that were never meant to be used for a film. With this comes a whole slew of problems that must be addressed: noise, awkward lighting, pedestrian traffic, etc.

So instead of settling for a bad location, it’s best advised to visit as many potential locations as you can and analyze them based on their cinematic potential. To assist you with this process, use the following free location fact sheet. It will help organize all of your location information in one convenient place.

What is a location fact sheet?

Free Location Fact Sheet Header

A location fact sheet is a simple form that can be used to describe the shooting environment to all the relevant crew members. A location fact sheet coupled with on-location photography is also a great way to build up your own personal database of potential shooting locations for current or future films. The form has fields for sound, lighting, electricity and other various location-related details filmmakers need to know.

When is a location fact sheet used?

Free Location Fact Sheet: Warehouse Location

A location fact sheet is used anytime you want to save important location information for later. Typically, a location scout will use a location fact sheet when scouting out potential locations. The location fact sheet helps to serve as a checklist when looking at a potential location. It’s often easy to forget details like available wall plugs and the parking situation, but such details can end up being huge issues if overlooked during the scouting process.

How is a location fact sheet used?

Free Location Fact Sheet Screenshot

A location fact sheet is very simple and straightforward. Just fill out the appropriate fields with the corresponding information. It’s usually helpful to know as much about what the script demands as possible.

The form also has room for extra notes that are important to share with other crew members. After the location scout visits a location, they will share the location fact sheet with the producers and director to help figure out the best location for the film.

You can download the free location fact sheet by clicking the text below. There are two templates included in the download: One to fill out by hand and another to fill out on a computer. You can use Preview on a Mac or Adobe Acrobat on a PC to edit the computer template.


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