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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Model Guitar

Sean Frangella

In this exclusive video tutorial you’ll discover how to model a realistic guitar in Cinema 4D.

The best way to hone your Cinema 4D chops is to dig into an exciting project. C4D newbies and pros alike will pick up a ton of techniques in this video tutorial demonstrating how to model a realistic acoustic guitar. I’ll guide you through the construction of the body – then go crazy and spruce it up with your own custom look.

After Effects CC users can create this guitar and C4D and then bring it into AE using the Cineware plugin.

The creation of this acoustic guitar model utilizes some fundamental Cinema 4D techniques, including:

  • Using reference photographs
  • Creating perfect symmetry
  • Using spline masks
  • The bend tool
If you are looking for a similar 3D guitar model to the one used in the tutorial you can download it here.

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Have any questions regarding this Cinema 4D tutorial or other techniques to share? Share in the comments below.