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How to Create a 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Light Panel

Caleb Ward

Learn how to create a DIY LED panel in this extensive video tutorial.

When we come across a DIY video tutorial about how to create filmmaking gear, we’re usually a bit skeptical. How hard is to create? Is it practical? Will it actually last? The following DIY lighting tutorial excels on all levels.

LEDs are increasingly in popularity – and in the following video tutorial by DIY Perks you’ll learn how to create a 1000 watt dimmable DIY version with inexpensive parts.

Parts Needed for DIY LED Light

5m ‘Natural White’ 5050 LED Strips (x3) $60
Step Down Voltage Regulator $5
1 Sheet of 6mm MDF $20
1 Sheet of 18mm MDF $32
Cold Shoe Extension Bar $20
Aluminum Tube or Wooden Dowel (x2) $2
22k Potentiometer and Knob $6
Switch $2
Magnet Wire $16
6.8k Resistor $0.18
Set of XT 60 Connectors $4.49
Small & Medium Wood Screws $5
Sheet of Plexiglass $19
12 AWG Wire $7
A Small Fan $5



Now I know what you’re thinking, “$200 bucks, that’s a lot of money for a DIY project.” Considering a cheap LED panel goes for about $600 you actually have the potential to save a lot of cash.

This tutorial was first shared by DIY Perks on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys! 

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