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How to Create Stunning Hyperlapse Videos

Johnathan Paul

Hyperlapse videos are compelling, eye-catching, and popular. Here’s how to create your own stunning hyperlapse footage.

We’ve all seen those stunning timelapse videos online or in major films. They can really add dimension and depth to any production. But what about hyperlapse photography? Chances are you’ve seen the amazing Watchtower of Turkey that took the world’s breath away in 2014 with its advanced execution of hyperlapse techniques. More recently, filmmaker Rob Whitworth’s Dubai Flow Motion put hyperlapse back in the public consciousness.

Video via Dubai Film

Hyperlapse video is so dramatic that many might believe the techniques are beyond their capabilities — but that’s just not the case.

All you need is a camera capable of capturing RAW images to ensure maximum post-production adjustability and resolution. You’ll also need a solid tripod. Additionally, you’ll need a location with a captivating point of interest, like the train station in the video below. Then it’s just a matter of setting up, taking photos, and stitching it all together.

Let’s check out a step-by-step guide that explains everything you need to know about creating a hyperlapse. This video from Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips covers shooting, set-up techniques, and editing.

Have you experimented with hyperlapse footage? Show us your work in the comments below!