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Pinterest for Professionals? Say Hello to Icebergs

Caleb Ward

Save and share your inspiration from across the web and your own personal computer with Icebergs.

Sharing your creative inspiration can sometimes be daunting, but with Icebergs you can now say goodbye to the limitations of Pinterest and other similar inspiration sites. Icebergs sets itself apart by it’s team collaboration approach to saving photos, videos, links, or text (using their intuitive and unique browser plug-in to share from any site on the web).

Icebergs also has a drag and drop feature that allows users to take files from their personal computer and place them on their Iceberg (board). In this regard, Icebergs works a lot like a file transfer system like Dropbox or Google Drive. Once uploaded, fellow project collaborators can view, comment and download the file.

Iceberg delivers on many fronts: it’s easy to use just like Pinterest, perfect for project collaboration and has a sleek design that isn’t distracting or boring. Icebergs has three profile options for any price-point from free for a single user, $9.99 a month for a pro user, and $49.99 a month for a team. You can learn more about Icebergs from the video below or their website.

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