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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Corporate Video Production Projects

Jourdan Aldredge

Looking to add more value to your corporate video projects? Here are five ways to give your clients more bang for their buck.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, one thing is for sure: corporate video may ebb and flow, but it will never cease to be a reliable revenue stream for film and video professionals. Yet, for many, there can be “up” and “down” years as the industry shifts and corporate clients demand increased value.

So, to add some value to your projects (either to secure new clients or to get greater returns from existing ones), here are five ways to give (and hopefully get) more bang for your buck.

1. Pitch Solutions, Not Videos

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Corporate Video Production Projects — Pitch Solutions

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Before we dive into how to get the most value out of your current projects, the best way to increase revenue from clients is to really understand them. The best corporate video companies or agencies aren’t the ones that make the best videos — they’re the ones who provide the best solutions.

A good client relationship involves spending time with your clients — and independently researching their industry and what works or doesn’t work for their competitors. If the client is big enough and the work possibilities great enough, you can explore working on a retainer for year-round returns.

2. Add Social Packages to Your Deliverables

Having worked in corporate video in the past, one of the best upsell opportunities I saw was always to add more social packages to your deliverables. This works best for one-off video projects when a company wants a video for their website, or coverage of one of their events. However, if they only ask for one video, you can always suggest adding on other social cuts.

This requires time on your part, of course, and your contract would reflect it. The following is a good resources for creating videos specifically for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — which each have their own guidelines and best practices.

3. Consider Grouping Clients Together

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Corporate Video Production Projects — Group Clients Together

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Another interesting approach I would see in the corporate video world was the concept of grouped clients. Now, this won’t work for every possible client, but it can work really well if you’re connected with some sort of client group or network. A professional organization (like, say, a local regional chamber of commerce) may have inroads to 20 or 30 clients of similar sizes and industries who might all need a standard landing page video.

While each entity might not be able (or willing) to fund a video individually, if you pitched a project together where you could set up at a base location and members from each company could come to you, you could knock out several at a time quicker and more cost efficiently.

4. Push on Your Own Channels

Depending on how big a brand you are (and how big your following is), the allure of pushing content on your own channels can be at least a minor boost. If you’re serious about corporate and commercial video, building a strong online brand is important, and it can be a huge help to your overall success.

If you’re producing online content for your clients, it never hurts to push that content again on your channels. You can always add them to your demo reels as well, but pushing their Facebook and social media posts with your content will give them a boost and showcase some of your hard work.

Follow Up Every 3, 6, and 12 Months

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Corporate Video Production Projects — Follow Up

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Similarly, I recommend following up with clients every three, six, and 12 months to stay on top of their video needs (as well as keeping them updated on any exciting projects on your end). If you’ve done online video content work for them previously, boosting at these intervals is also a nice way to remind them of how great your work was for them — and to keep you on their minds.

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