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LogicKeyboard’s New Backlit ASTRA Keyboard Shines Bright

Jason Boone

Tired of editing in the dark? Let LogicKeyboard’s new Backlit ASTRA light your way.

LogicKeyboard offers a wide variety of keyboards for both Mac and PC. You can pick up a backlit ASTRA keyboard for Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Pro Tools, Final Cut, and a handful of other brands. The nice folks over at LogicKeyboard sent me an ASTRA series designed specifically for Premiere Pro on the Mac. I’ve had some time to tinker with it, so here are my thoughts on this wonderful product.

Durability and Design

LogicKeyboard products are beautiful — both the packaging and the products. I’ve been using a LogicSkin on my Macbook Pro for several months now, and I can’t even tell you how many times people have noticed and asked about it. This is because the skin is so colorful. Both the LogicSkin and the new ASTRA keyboard use color-coded keys to categorize and group keyboard shortcuts. This makes the shortcuts easily identifiable when editing. In addition to the beautiful design, the ASTRA is also very durable. When you hold and use the ASTRA, it truly feels like a very high-quality product.

LogicKeyboard's New Backlit ASTRA Keyboard Shines Bright — LogicKeyboard Backlit ASTRA

Ease of Use

The ASTRA is a breeze to use. It is plug and play — no drivers required. It comes with two USB connectors, one for the keyboard and one for a USB hub. You will find two additional USB ports on the back of the keyboard. When you aren’t using your software application, the ASTRA functions as a standard keyboard. If you are confused with any of the keyboard shortcuts, simply look them up in the ASTRA documentation, which explains every shortcut in detail. In addition to the color-coded system, it uses icons on each key. I find it much easier to quickly reference a shortcut visually with an icon.

Light It Up

The main feature of the ASTRA is the backlight, which is customizable to five different light levels. I personally love backlit keyboards. After using a backlit keyboard for the first time on a Macbook Pro, I couldn’t go back. As an editor, I often work in dimly lit edit suites. At my previous job, they had a keyboard with two small USB-powered lights attached to the keyboard, and I really didn’t like that setup. I definitely would’ve preferred the ASTRA. Backlit keyboards are the way to go. Speaking of go, if you’re on the move and want to bring the ASTRA with you, check out the LogicGo Keyboard Bag.

If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts and backlit keyboards, you really can’t go wrong with the ASTRA.

Which editing keyboard do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.