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Where are the Major VFX Houses Located?

Caleb Ward

Learn the exact location of all the major VFX houses in the world using the VFX World Map.

It is definitely an understatement to say that the domestic VFX industry is hurting right now. Many studios have shuttered in recent years and there’s been a major outcry from US based VFX artists that their jobs are getting sent overseas, due to foreign subsidies and cheaper labor costs.

In the past, US based VFX houses were mostly centralized in NYC and LA, but in recent years there has been a wider geographic spread of these types of businesses. For aspiring VFX artists and those looking for work, the choice on where to live has become more complicated.

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Thankfully there is an online tool that makes finding VFX houses incredibly easy, VFXWorldMap.com. On the VFX World Map users can view every major VFX house and their location.

The map is designed to help VFX artists, animators, and anyone else figure out the exact location of biggest VFX and post production facilities in the world. Users can sort their search by Animation, Feature Film, Games, and even Schools.

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The map gives out the actual address of the production companies listed, as well as links to their websites (which usually have detailed information regarding the software they use and their respective job requirements).

Additionally, VFX World Map features a super awesome job board with dozens of jobs, from animators to developers. The job board also features a few Twitter resources that are entirely dedicated to tweeting out new jobs.

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If you work for a production company that isn’t listed in the map you can easily add your company to the list. VFX World Map has also introduced a new bookmark features that allows users to save production companies to their login so they can easily reference them in the future.

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