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Media Storage Options in Final Cut Pro X Update

Caleb Ward

Media storage in FPCX has never been so easy.

The newest 10.1 update of Final Cut Pro X makes managing media more customizable than ever before. The update combines Adobe Premiere’s ability to point libraries to media and Avid’s option to use external media referencing.

In the following video tutorial, media storage options in Final Cut Pro 10.1 are presented by the guys from MacBreak Studio. The video covers:

  • The updated unified camera import window
  • Importing footage into new events
  • Choosing media storage locations
  • Managed Libraries vs. External Media Referencing
  • The leave file in place option

The external media referencing is especially helpful for editors who work with a team…and is giving a unique advantage to using FCPX over other similar editing software. A good understanding of media storage will insure that your next project is well organized (and of course, better organization equals more efficient editing).

This tutorial was created by MacBreak Studio. MacBreak Studio features training across many Apple programs. Thanks for sharing MacBreak guys!