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Modeling a Photorealistic Flower in Cinema 4D

Caleb Ward

Learn how to model a lovely photorealistic flower in Cinema 4D with this easy-to-follow video tutorial.

Spring is finally in full bloom! In honor of our favorite time of year, we found this awesome Cinema 4D tutorial that outlines how to create a daisy using 100% native tools in Cinema 4D. No matter your Cinema 4D skill level, you’ll definitely be able to get something out of this easy-to-follow lesson. The tutorial covers:

  • Using the Cloner Tool
  • Creating Soft Textures
  • Basic UV Mapping
  • Soft Lighting Setups

In order to do this tutorial, you’ll obviously need a copy of Cinema 4D. If you don’t already own it, you can simply download a free trial off of Maxon’s website. Thanks, Maxon!

This tutorial was first shared by Nate Vander Plas on his Vimeo channel. Thanks for sharing, Nate! 

Want to learn more about modeling foliage in Cinema 4D? Check out a few of the following links:

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Have any other tips for modeling flowers in Cinema 4D? Share in the comments below.