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Featured Royalty Free Music Composer: Haim Mazar

Gilles Arbour

Haim Mazar is a Hollywood-based film composer with a vast list of film and TV credits under his belt. Born in the US and grew up in Israel, Haim brings to the world his unique and very eclectic style of music. In addition to being a composer and orchestrator, Haim is also an established pianist and he incorporates his piano skills into almost everything he writes, wether it’s a large orchestral piece, jazz. latin, or classical music. Due to the eclectic nature of Haim’s music, it has been used not only on the big screen but as well for TV shows, commercial spots, corporations, and movie trailers.

Royalty Free Music by Haim Mazar
  • Epic Trailer
  • Dark and heavy, featuring driving percussion, bold brass and underlying pulsing synth textures that depict an epic battle scene.
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  • Montage
  • Smooth and lush, featuring introspective piano, spacious synth textures and somber drones create a mood of mystery.
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