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Music Playlist: The Sounds of Spring 2016

Lucinda Tang

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of these soothing springtime tracks.

Spring is here! To celebrate, we’ve freshened up our royalty free music collection with tracks from brand new names Benjamin Greenspan, Oliver Lyu, Tonemassif, and Young Presidents. Alongside acoustic rhythms and lively productions by old favorites, put a spring in your audience’s step with this curated selection of cheerful and positive tracks.

The Sounds of Spring
Put a smile on your face with these fun tracks.
  • Glowing City
  • Building and flowing, featuring a light dance groove that builds with bright synth, creating a positive, confident mood.
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  • Swag Bag
  • Heavy and driving, featuring a building Pop Rock groove, electric guitar and hand claps that create an enthusiastic, determined mood.
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  • Digitized
  • Light and bouncy, featuring bright keyboards, acoustic guitar and a lush dance groove that creates a proud, enthusiastic mood.
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  • Samba Romp
  • Bright and rhythmic, featuring ethnic percussion, warm keyboards and a Samba groove that creates a celebratory mood.
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