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Curated Playlist: Winter Inspiration

Lucinda Tang

Winter is upon us. We’ve curated this playlist with our favorite royalty free music tracks that evoke the season.

As the days shorten and we at PremiumBeat get ready to don our snow boots, nothing can get us feeling cozier in the biting wind than great music to accompany our travels.

Our Winter Inspiration curated playlist treats the colder season as a muse: When paired with your project, these tracks may transform blinding snow into a drift poignant with Siberian poetry, or create a moment of true warmth before the crackling fire at dusk.

Start listening below to embrace the cooling temperatures with a selection of lovingly crafted acoustic and atmospheric pieces from our artists. If you’re still looking for a soundtrack for your holiday themed project…look no further. We’ve got you covered there, as well.

Winter Inspiration
Acoustic & Atmospheric Royalty Free Tracks
  • Touches
  • Warm and earthy, featuring acoustic guitar and solemn shimmering electric guitar that creates a heartfelt and hopeful mood.
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  • Arctic Sunset
  • Smooth and shimmering, featuring warm drones and pulsing electric guitar textures that create a peaceful and soothing mood.
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  • Neon Nights
  • Smooth and airy, featuring atmospheric synth textures, warm piano, electric guitar and a light Pop groove that creates optimism and reflection.
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  • In Dreams
  • A light and gentle introduction leads to a warm piano melody, shimmering synth textures, electric guitar and sparse drums that create a proud and reflective mood.
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  • Ryze
  • Smooth and warm, featuring swelling synth textures and light pulsing electronic elements that create a peaceful mood.
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