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Royalty Free Music Roundup: Tropical & Vacation Tracks

Kate Cooper

Go on a music journey with our favorite sunny royalty free tracks – perfect for slideshows and advertising.

Every so often the road calls us. Be it a vacation or an all-out escape plan, sometimes you just have to go. Some say it’s about the journey, you don’t need to worry about the destination. We think the music shapes both.

Whatever journey you need to shape, we have the tracks to transport your audience.  From laid back tropical grooves to sunny indie rock jams, we’ve handpicked royalty free music for your slideshow, video or commercial projects.

Royalty Free Music: Tropical & Vacation
  • Moonlight Drive
  • A smooth and atmospheric introduction leads to a bright Dance groove, featuring breakdowns and synth rises that creates a positive and inspirational mood.
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  • Skipping Town
  • Warm and building, featuring pulsing electric guitar, hand claps, vocal oohs and a heavy Pop Rock groove that creates an energetic and enthusiastic mood.
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  • Let's Run Away
  • Warm and earthy, featuring smooth female lead vocals, bright acoustic guitar and a light Indie Pop feel that creates an enthusiastic and hopeful mood.
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  • Dream Catcher
    By Gyom
  • Earthy and flowing, featuring acoustic guitar, foot stomps, and an Indie Folk feel that creates an uplifting mood.
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