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Not Enough Light? Try Double Bouncing Reflectors

Caleb Ward

Bring light to dark areas with this helpful photo/video lighting technique.

If you can’t afford high-powered production lights or (if powered lighting simply isn’t an option on your shoot) than we might have found a technique for you. It’s called double bouncing, and as the name implies, it works by bouncing sunlight off of two reflectors then onto your subject.

This is a great fix to an all-to-common problem associated with using reflectors, angle. Normally when you use just one reflector your angle is 100% contingent on where your light source is located. However, when you double bounce you can have much more control over where the light can be directed.

To create this effect you will need to purchase a couple reflectors, light stands, and clamps, all of which can be picked up for less than $50 online.

The following video shows us how to use the double bouncing technique. The video covers:

  • Bouncing Light
  • Working with Angles
  • Problems and Troubleshooting

This double bouncing light technique closely resembles book lighting. If you enjoy the following tutorial and want to learn a similar technique check out our post on the ultra-soft book lighting.

This video tutorial was first shared by The Slanted Lens on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

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Have any tips for double bouncing light? Share in the comments below.