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Organize Your Video Editing Projects with Smart Folders

Caleb Ward

Smart Folders are a free way to find and organize your video editing project files on a Mac.

Video Editing and Post Production

Keeping files organized is a skill that many editors are not good but it’s super important when working on multiple projects at the same time. As an editor you’ve probably accidentally deleted files because they were improperly organized. Obviously that is not a fun situation to be in.

Fortunately Apple computers have built-in Smart Folder capabilities specially designed to help you sort through project files on your computer. The following video by Industrial Revolution explains how to create and utilize Smart Folders on a Mac. The video covers:

  • Creating Smart Folders
  • Setting file extension parameters
  • Creating date parameters

Smart Folders should make file organization easier and serve as a shortcut for you as an editor. They also work across different file extensions…not just Final Cut Pro.

This video was created by Industrial Revolution, Thanks for sharing guys!

How do you keep your files organized? Share in the comments below.