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Our 10 Favorite Demo Reels (Fall 2015)

Caleb Ward

Need a quick creative boost? Get inspired with these ten amazing demo reels!

Above image from Nicke Jacobsson showreel.

It’s super important for creative professionals to always stay inspired. One of the best ways to stay constantly inspired is to watch demo reels. For your inspiration needs, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite demo reels from around the web. If you know of any other awesome demo reels, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

1. Perpetual.tv Showreel 2015

  • Created By:  Marko Mrvic
  • Why It’s Awesome: Marko has a beautifully simple design aesthetic that features great color theory.

2. Animation Reel 2015

  • Created By: Eduard Grigoryan
  • Why It’s Awesome: Fantastic animation movements and texturing.

3. Nicke Jacobsson – Colorist Reel 2015

  • Created By: Nicke Jacobsson
  • Why It’s Awesome: Beautiful color work that is highly stylized.

4. Brikk Showreel 2015

  • Created By: Brikk
  • Why It’s Awesome: Great use of stylized 2D animation and texture.

5. Showreel 2015 – Tobias Frei

  • Created By: Tobias Frei
  • Why It’s Awesome: A clear mastery of secondary animation.

 6. Seb Chort / Demo 2015

  • Created By: Seb Chort
  • Why It’s Awesome: Big-time VFX work.

 7. Demo Reel 2015


8. Marco Huertas – Director’s Reel 2015 (HD)

  • Created By: Marco Huertas
  • Why It’s Awesome: Fantastic fashion/lifestyle cinematography.

9. Ben Luce Demo Reel 2015

  • Created By: Ben Luce
  • Why It’s Awesome: Wonderful hand-drawn animation.

10. Showreel 2015

All of these amazing demo reels can be found on our curated Best Showreels and Demo Reels group on Vimeo. If you’re looking for more inspiration — or simply want to share your demo reel with the world — go check it out!

Know of any other awesome demo reels? We’d love to see them. Please share in the comments below.