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Pixar Releases RenderMan Free to the Public

Caleb Ward

Download your free non-commercial version of RenderMan today!

If you’re into 3D animation, modeling, or VFX work then you probably heard the announcement last June about Pixar’s intention to release its proprietary render engine RenderMan to the public for free. Now the wait is over. As of today, you can now download, install, and use it for non-commercial purposes for free.

Unlike other 3D software companies, Pixar is releasing the free version of the software with no limitations. This means that you will get the fully functional render engine for free with no time limit or watermark

RenderMan SnapshotRenderMan Interface Snapshot via SphereFX

As of right now, the software is only available for use in Maya and KATANA, but Pixar is currently in development to make it available for Cinema 4D and Houdini.  If you’re a 3D artist who works in either Maya or KATANA you can get your copy today by visiting Pixar’s download page. While you’re there, you can get over five hours of free video training to help you get up to speed with the RenderMan workflow.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a commercial license, you can do so at any time. Pixar has also created a new RenderMan community where users can ask questions, share tutorials, and showcase their work with RenderMan. 

Pricing and Availability

This non-commercial version of RenderMan is available for free to download on Pixar’s website. The software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Keep in mind that it is currently only compatible with Maya and KATANA.

Want to learn more about working with RenderMan? Check out a few of the following resources:

Have you used RenderMan? Looking forward to snagging it for free? Share your experience in the comments below.