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Product Annoucement: RØDE Updates Blimp

Caleb Ward

The improved RØDE Blimp features superior performance and a 25% lighter build.

Audio giant RØDE has just announced their new and improved blimp windshield. The blimp will allow for users to place any shotgun mic up to 325mm long (a little more than a foot). This includes Rode’s NTG1, NTG2 and NTG3 microphones.

The new blimp is crafted out of thermoplastic and is 25% lighter than the old blimp design. The new design utilizes a new Lyre suspension system that is notably different than the more traditional elastic hoop suspensions. RØDE claims that the new system is superior in acoustic performance and without the elastic bands the blimp should hold up much longer than it’s predecessor.

The boom has an improved ergonomic design making it easier to hold. Users also have the option to remove the handle to reduce the weight when using a boom pole.

All RØDE Blimps come with a full ten year warranty making it a good long-term investment for anybody in the audio-for-video world. Rode is also including a Dead Wombat windshield, caring brush and tail/patch cable with every blimp sold.

Pricing and Availability

Neither price nor availability has been announced by Rode. However, the older model blimps are still $299 on B&H.

What blimp do you recommend using? Share in the comments below.