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Quick Tip: Creating Extended Markers in Premiere Pro

Caleb Ward

Learn how to mark a range in your timeline using this Premiere Pro quick tip.

You may be familiar with markers in Premiere Pro, but did you know that markers can be adjusted to cover a span of time rather than a single point? By creating these “extended markers” users can more accurately define comments and edit notes. Simply follow the steps below and you will be setting extended markers in no-time.

This feature was added to Premiere in version CS6.

1. Place a Marker in Your Premiere Timeline

Move your playhead to the desired marker location and click the ‘M’ key.

2. Option-Click the Marker

Option-click on a Mac or Alt-click on a PC to change the marker from a single point to an extended marker.

3. Drag the Marker Handles

It’s as easy as it sounds. Simply drag your marker’s in and out points to cover the desired range in your timeline. Duration can also be adjusted by double clicking the marker and adjusting the duration parameter.

4. Markers Will Reflect In and Out Points

If you can’t see the Markers panel go to Window>Markers in the menu bar. All of your markers will be reflected here, with edit notes.

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Have any other tips for using extended markers? Let us know in the comments below!

The video images in this example are from IMSTEPF Studios, used with a Creative Commons Attribution license.