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Quick Tip: Exporting Multiple Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro

Caleb Ward

It’s easy to export multiple videos simultaneously using this Adobe Premiere Pro quick tip.

Exporting footage directly in Premiere Pro can be incredibly frustrating because it essentially locks up your entire program. This is especially annoying if you are working on a project with a quick turn-around.

Thankfully, the good people at Adobe have made exporting multiple timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro super-easy. This feature can run in the background and allows you to run multiple timelines simultaneously without freezing up your entire workflow.

It’s a pretty easy concept to understand. Simply follow these quick steps:

1. Export Media

Exporting Step 1

Select your desired timeline and navigate to File>Export>Media, or use the keyboard and hit Command+M.

2. Adjust Export Settings as Needed

Exporting Step 2

Adjust your export settings to your desired preferences. If you need help with this, you can learn more in our Everything You Need to Know About Exporting Video post.

3. Click “Queue”

Exporting Step 3

After you hit the Queue button, Adobe Media Encoder will automatically open (if it’s not open already.) The video should pop up as an item in the list.

4. Repeat as Needed

Continue to add all of your desired files to the queue.

5. Click the “Play” Button in Adobe Media Encoder

Exporting Step 5

Hit the green “play” button in Adobe Media Encoder to begin exporting. You can also change your export settings by selecting the yellow text.

There are two distinct advantages to using this method to export video files. The main reason is you can export multiple videos instead of just one. This allows you to finish editing all of your videos then export in one big batch.

Another advantage is the fact that it uses Adobe Media Encoder instead of Premiere Pro. This is important because it means you can simultaneously edit video and export at the same time. This can definitely save a lot of time.

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Have any other advice for exporting multiple timelines? Any Premiere Pro secrets you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.