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Selective Color Masks in FCPX

Caleb Ward

In this video tutorial by MacBreak Studio, Steve and Mark show us how to create selective color masks in FCPX.

Whereas it was initially met with speculation by the industry, Final Cut Pro X seems to be gaining a loyal video editor user base. Many FCPX users tout the app for a quicker editing workflow and Apple continues to add new features/updates on a regular basis.

Final Cut Pro X is also quite powerful when it comes to color correction. In the following video by MacBreak Studio we take a look at a few easy color correction techniques in FCPX. The video covers what’s called secondary color correction, instead of primary color correction. The difference between primary and secondary color correction is secondary color correction deals with individual colors in the shot while primary correction deals with the entire frame. To perform secondary color corrections FCPX creates masks which are explained in detail in the video. The video covers:

  • Basic Color Correction Techniques
  • Primary vs. Secondary Color Correction
  • Adding Color Masks
  • Using Waveforms
  • Using the Duplicate Button
One of the useful keyboard commands brought up in the tutorial is holding down the shift key to add more color variations to your mask. This is super helpful when you are wanting to select more than one color to mask out.

This video was first shared by the awesome guys out at MacBreak Studio. You can check out all 200+ FCP tutorials on the Pixel Corps YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Have any tips for color correcting in FCPX? Share in the comments below.