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ShareGrid Announces New Increased Protections For Gear Owners

Robbie Janney

Worried about your gear when renting it out? ShareGrid’s new guarantee covers every listing on the site—at no additional cost.

All images via ShareGrid.

One of the biggest worries for people lending out their equipment on gear-sharing websites is the possibility of a renter not returning your gear. This is what’s known in the industry as “Voluntary Parting,” or someone renting your gear, and then refusing to return it (you know, stealing). After reading a testimonial from someone who got their gear stolen from them on KitSplit, its made me very wary of the whole gear-sharing process. Recently though, ShareGrid, the largest online marketplace for film and photography equipment rentals, has announced something that takes away rental anxiety from their network of gear-sharers — a guarantee that all equipment rented on the site is protected by their ShareGrid Owner Guarantee.

ShareGrid Announces New Increased Protections For Gear Owners — Select Coverage

“Our goal has always been to make ShareGrid the safest way to rent your equipment to other people, and today we’re excited to offer even more protection to our users” said Marius Ciocirlan, co-founder and CEO of ShareGrid. “For years, we’ve been the only marketplace to offer instant coverage against Voluntary Parting. With the ShareGrid Owner Guarantee, we’re taking this a step further and including protection against voluntary parting automatically. Best of all, it’s completely free for all our members.”

ShareGrid Announces New Increased Protections For Gear Owners — ShareGrid Owner Guarantee

ShareGrid was the first marketplace to include voluntary parting insurance coverage when they partnered with Athos Insurance back in 2014. That insurance used to carry a small fee, but now, it is automatically included in your rental arrangement, and covers gear up to $20,000.

“Our most important task is to protect our community, and we’re proud of all the work we do behind-the-scenes to prevent fraud and keep gear safe. We’re able to offer this guarantee because our security systems are the strongest in the industry. We monitor activity in real time to identify security issues, so we can resolve potential problems before they occur. Simply put, ShareGrid is the safest way to rent gear online.”

– Siavash Shiva, ShareGrid COO and General Counsel

ShareGrid Announces New Increased Protections For Gear Owners — Voluntary Parting Insurance
So if you are looking to make a little extra dough on the side with your gear that lays around most days, ShareGrid is an amazing site to utilize. And with their Owner Guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll have your equipment in hand when you need to use it for your own projects.

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