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SmallHD Unveils a Pocket-Sized Monitor/Viewfinder Hybrid

Caleb Ward

Introducing the monitor and viewfinder combo you never knew you wanted.

It’s no secret that SmallHD is a fantastic place to find quality portable reference monitors to use for indie filmmaking and video production alike. However, they seem to have outdone themselves with their latest NAB announcement: Introducing the 502 On-Camera Monitor and the Sidefinder.

502 On-Camera Monitor

SmallHD 502 On-Camera Monitor

The 502 is a brand new 5” on-camera monitor that can output a 1080p HD signal. At over 441 pixels per inch, SmallHD says that the monitor features more pixels than the iPhone 6. The 502 is able to produce 85% TSC Color Gamut, making it one of the most powerful pocket monitors on the market.

The monitor has both SDI and HDMI input and output, so it can work seamlessly with productions of all scales. The 502 also has real-time 3D LUTs to help you get reliable color readouts on-set.

Users can navigate the monitor using a small joystick and button on the front of the device. You can also control the device using a bluetooth remote. Here’s a quick video by SmallHD introducing the 502.

Along with all of the main features, the 502 has all of the features you’ve come to love with SmallHD products, like advanced scopes and lightweight design. If you’re a Canon shooter, you’re in luck — the 502 takes two Canon LP-E6 batteries.

The Sidefinder

SmallHD Sidefinder Setup

The Sidefinder is essentially a new versatile accessory that allows you to use your Small HD 502 monitor as an EVF (Electronic Viewfinder). The accessory can be easily attached to a wide variety of camera rigs, including 15mm rods, 1/4”20 Mounts, and ARRI Rosette. The diopter on the Sidefinder can be adjusted for those who wear glasses or contacts from -2 to +4.

Pricing and Availability

No word yet on the pricing or the availability of the 502 or Sidefinder, but with NAB firing up this week, you can expect that information to be divulged very soon. We’ll update this article when we know more.

Want to learn more about the 502 or the Sidefinder? Check out a few of the following resources:

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Are you interested in buying this set-up? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.