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The Sony A7S Can Use Canon Batteries, Here’s How

Caleb Ward

Learn how to use Canon batteries on your Sony A7S with this helpful hack.

If you are a Sony A7S owner than we may have found an awesome hack that allows you to use Canon LP-E6 batteries with your Sony camera. The following video created by Whitespace Films shows us how it’s done and it’s surprisingly easy. To use this hack you will need to buy a few things:

1. An AC Adapter for the Sony A7S

$20.00 on Amazon

2. Canon LP-E6 Mounting Plate

$15.69 on Amazon You also might want to pick us some velcro so you can attach the mounting plate to your rig depending on your set up. You can get velcro from Amazon for around $5.

This video was first shared by Whitespace Films on their Vimeo channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

This technique also works for other cameras and camera batteries as well. All you need to do is find the correct AC adapter (dummy battery) and the correct mounting plate. It’s a worthwhile hack that can save you the hassle of having to buy batteries for each individual camera.

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Know of any other battery hacks? Share in the comments below.