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Nine Fantastic Sources of Creative Video Inspiration

Johnathan Paul

Got a video project looming, but you’re just not feeling it? Get out of that rut with these ten sources of video inspiration!

Every now and again, we need a little inspiration to stoke the fires of our creative genius. This inspiration can come from many different places. There are a vast number of amazing resources out there — below, you’ll find ten of our favorites. This list isn’t the be all, end all for video inspiration, but it’s a great place to start next time you find yourself needing a little push!

1. Film Riot

First up on our list is Film Riot. We mention Ryan Connolly and his crew at Film Riot a lot, simply because their work is solid and they give great information for both videographers and filmmakers. Through their YouTube channel, viewers learn an incredible amount of professional knowledge, from DIY tips to advanced techniques. If you aren’t following them on YouTube, you should.

Video via Film Riot

2. Video Copilot

Next up is everyone’s favorite, Video Copilot. Through this site, Andrew Kramer has created an incredible resource for filmmakers, motion graphic artists, and videographers. Here you can purchase a host of After Effects plugins and tools to help you streamline your workflow. Plus, the site also offers a wide range of tutorials for post-production effects techniques.

Video via Video Copilot

3. Filmmaker IQ

Need a refresher course in cinematography, learn how to chroma key, or maybe even gain extra knowledge on technique? Then Filmmaker IQ might be the resource you’ve been looking for. This site is essentially an online film school that runs through the basics of film and video production while also presenting you with knowledge on theory. If you’re new to the industry or, as we said, just need to freshen up your base knowledge, then Filmmaker IQ can be a great resource.

Video via Filmmaker IQ

4. Shane’s Inner Circle

Shane Hurlbut is a long-time Hollywood cinematographer who just so happens to run an amazing site for film and video professionals. His Inner Circle site allows users access to tutorials, theory, techniques, podcasts, and so on. Shane has taken his years of experience and offered it to other professionals in order to help them improve their craft.

Video via Shane Hurlbut


5. John Brawley

Again, with Brawley we have a professional filmmaker/videographer that shares his experience and knowledge with other professionals. Everything from lenses to composition to lighting to gear is covered on this blog. You’ll find great information and, without question, inspiration.

6. Learning Video

Our good friend Dave Dugdale first began his venture as Learning DSLR Video. He has since changed the name to simply Learning Video — though there is nothing simple about Dugdale’s work. Through his video content, Dugdale is able to give the rundown on specific tips or techniques he’s learned out on location or while running his business. Be sure to make quality use of this resource.

Video via Dave Dugdale

7. Vimeo

Another great place to find inspiration for your work is Vimeo. While YouTube has a massive following and loads of content, Vimeo seems to always have a much better selection of inspirational options for film and video professionals. The best way to go about finding content is to browse or search for keywords. Just be sure to that you budget your time appropriately — you will lose track of time when browsing this site.

Video via Rustad Media

8. Roger Deakins Forum

If you’re a PremiumBeat reader, then you most likely know who Roger Deakins is. If you’re still unsure, then do yourself a favor and head over to his personal website and forum. This is an incredible resource for any filmmaker or videographer, and the community there is very helpful and engaging.

Video via Eyes On Cinema

9. PremiumBeat

Last, but definitely not least, is PremiumBeat. We truly strive to bring you worthwhile news, insight into the industry, and solid tips and techniques to help you in your career. Through the articles we write or the video content we release on YouTube, we’re working hard to make sure you’re covered!

Was the list successful? Did we increase your list of inspirational sources? Are there other sources you can suggest? Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below!