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The ‘Magic’ of Disney? New Software Automatically Edits Video Footage

Caleb Ward

Disney has developed a new software application that can ‘intelligently’ automate the video editing process.

You’ve probably heard of the “magic” of Disney. The following method created and developed by the research team at Disney has developed an algorithmic method for video editing that is about as close to magical as you can get.

The video editing method was created as a way to edit multiple cameras angles together, without any humans in the post-production process. The method is extremely complicated, but in-short, it’s secret lies in the softwares ability to recognize action in the scene. Using some basic cinematography techniques like cutting on action and not breaking the 180 degree rule, the program makes informed decisions when choosing angles.

This isn’t going to replace anyone’s job, at least not yet anyways, but it does show how the rules of cinematography can be used to tell a story.

Here’s the explanation video:

This video was first shared by the Disney Research Hub.
Thanks for sharing guys!

We’ll be interested to see how this technology progresses. As of right now it seems like this is just a process designed to help edit videos in a social context, but in the future who knows? We might just see this software make its way into the professional video editing world. Quite frankly, if a robot wants to act as as an assistant and put together rough cuts (that we can go in and tweak), there may be some practical applications for this.

What do you think of this new process? Is this technology a good or bad things for pro video editors? Share in the comments below!