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The Mind-Blowing VFX of ‘Game of Thrones’

Caleb Ward

Take a behind the scenes look into the Emmy nominated VFX of ‘Game of Thrones’

Of all the amazing TV shows that have made their way into pop culture today, there is perhaps no show as ambitious as Game of Thrones. The series has relied heavily on VFX and pushes the limits of what can be accomplished when you blend beautifully shot live action footage with some of the greatest VFX houses in the world.

The VFX for the Game of Thrones series has been an international collaboration between multiple production studios including Scanline, Mackevision, and Pixomondo. In fact, the VFX were so good that Game of Thrones received an Emmy nomination for Best Visual Effects along with 18 other nominations. The following videos give us a behind the scenes look into how the VFX for Game of Thrones was created.

Scanline VFX Breakdown Reel

Scanline VFX is a German based VFX house that has done work on some of the biggest productions around the world including Divergent, Captain America, 300, as well as Game of Thrones.

You can see more Scanline VFX breakdowns on their Vimeo Channel.

Mackevision VFX Reel, Season 4

Mackevision is a multi-national company that helped create VFX for the latest season of Game of Thrones.

You can see more Mackelvision VFX breakdowns on their Vimeo channel.

Pixmondo VFX Reel, Season 2

Pixmondo is a multi-national company that recently won an Oscar for their work on Star Trek: Into Darkness. Pixmondo hired over 358 artists to work on the VFX for Game of Thrones.

You can see more of Pixmondo’s work on their website.

Inside the VFX, Green Screen & Using Dog Actors

Inside the VFX shows us a behind the scenes look at how Game of Thrones was able to use green screen to create their VFX.

The video also shows us how Game of Thrones trained and composited Northern Inuit dogs into the TV show.

Behind the Scenes, Season 2

Why create a boat with computer graphics when you can shoot a real one? In this behind-the-scenes video we take a look at the gigantic set pieces created for Game of Thrones.

This comprehensive behind-the-scenes video was actually created by HBO. You can get more behind the scenes footage of Game of Thrones on HBO’s website.

Creating the World with VFX Season 3

Think your compositing job is difficult? try creating a world that isn’t even there. In this behind the scenes video we take a look at how the VFX artists created the fictional world for Game of Thrones.

Notice how they created armies of people with only a few actors on hand.

We can definitely expect to see many more VFX breakdowns for Game of Thrones going forward because it has been renewed for an additional two seasons.

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What did you think of the breakdowns? Learn anything you would like to share? Share in the comments below.