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Video Inspiration: Ice Caves and a GoPro

Caleb Ward

Fly through Alaskan ice caves in this awesome drone video shot by Firefight Films.

We’ve seen a lot of creative drone videos in the last few months (check out Superman with a GoPro) but we think we may have found the most beautiful one.

Firefight Films have released a video titled Bigger Than Life which features a ton of awesome drone footage shot in Alaskan ice caves. Believe it or not, the entire thing was shot using a GoPro. Check it out:

Firefight Films were also super kind to include a behind the scenes video on how they made Bigger Than Life. They stated that they shot 100% of the footage using a GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition and a DJI Phantom. Just goes to show what’s possible if you have the right equipment and a plane ticket to Alaska.

You can buy your own DJI Phantom for $700 bucks on DJI’s website.  This video was created and shared by Firefight Films – thanks for sharing guys!

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