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Working with Speedlights: A Free Advanced Photography Course

Caleb Ward

Learn how incorporating speedlights into your photography sessions can produce stunning images in this free photography course.

Speedlights can be a scary thing for those transitioning from beginner to intermediate photographer. Just mastering all the on-camera settings can take a lot of time, so throwing a speedlight in the mix can be a bit overwhelming to someone looking to take their photography to the next level.

Just like with everything else in photography, using speedlights takes practice, but besides simply going out and shooting with one there are a few really great online resources that you can use to improve your strobe skills. We just recently found this awesome advanced photography course featuring photographer Joe McNally. The course specifically covers speedlight photography and we highly recommend it to anyone looking shoot better portraits. The course covers:

  •  Bouncing Light
  • High/Low Key Lighting
  • Working with Models
  • Creatively Manipulating Light

This video was obviously created as a marketing effort for Nikon, but don’t worry! All of these concepts completely apply to other camera/speedlight models too. In fact, even if you are a Nikon shooter you can purchase speedlights that are just as good as Nikon brand for a fraction of the price. So I highly recommend doing some research online before committing to an expensive speedlight.

If you are still wanting to incorporate manufactured light into your photography I highly recommend checking out the Strobist; where you can find some great articles and courses all about lights.

Do you have any tips for shooting with speedlights? Share in the comments below.