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2D Write-On Effects in Cinema 4D With Sketch and Toon

Caleb Ward

2D write-on effects are super-hip and easy to make with Sketch and Toon. Learn how to create this trendy effect in this Cinema 4D tutorial.

After Effects can be a powerful tool for creating 2D animations, but sometimes you need to use a 3D program to get more control over your objects and the design. This is where today’s Cinema 4D tutorial on making 2D write-on effects comes into play.

Pink Skateboard 2D Write-on effects

Using the following technique, you can create awesome 2D write-on effects in Cinema 4D. The tutorial covers:

  • Using Sketch and Toon
  • Creating Matte Textures
  • Using Lights Without Shadows
  • Adding Strokes in the Material Editor

This tutorial was created by EJ Hassenfratz of Eyedesyn. Thanks for sharing, EJ.

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Have any other tips for creating a drawn 2D effect in Cinema 4D? Share in the comments below.