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Check Out These 5 Super Simple Tips for Shooting Better Footage

Zach Ramelan

Struggling to get a better composition? Here are five simple ways you can take your film or video project to the next level.

If you’re like me, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a filmmaker is making something basic look cinematic. It’s a struggle I face on most shoots, but through trial and error, I’ve developed a  few simple tricks that can make all my coverage look much better in only a few seconds.

5 Simple Tips for Better Footage

1. Walk around to find the best position

Try filming your subject from a different position. If you’re shooting with the sun, try shooting against it to create depth and atmosphere.

2. Zoom-in for a shallow depth of field

Zoom your lens into a tighter focal length, then take a few steps back to compensate for the scaled in frame size. This will create a shallower depth of field. It puts extra focus on your subject, and create a nice soft background. 

3. Lower your frame to change perspective

Position your camera at eye level with your subject. I even like to lower my it so that the camera is against my chest or stomach. This changes the perspective and makes your shots more stable.

4. Add subtle movement

Add motion to your footage — I like to apply a subtle move. This can be anything from slightly swaying the camera side-to-side to a smooth sweep around your subject.

5. Shoot in slow-motion

Put it in slow-motion! Capturing 60fps or more will give you some room to play around when editing. You can simply speed the footage back up if you are working in a 24 or 30fps timeline.

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