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After Effects Fundamentals Lesson 6: Manipulating Footage

Mikey Borup

Learn how to manipulate footage in Lesson 6 of our After Effects Fundamentals course.

We’ve arrived at lesson 6 of our 10 part Adobe After Effects Fundamentals course.

So far we’ve learned all about the After Effects interface, parenting, compositingtext layers, and shape layers. In today’s lesson we will take a look at how to integrate footage into After Effects.

As you probably already know, After Effects has the industry strong-hold and is the go-to motion graphics and compositing app for tons of professional visual effects professionals. It’s popularity comes from the ability to mix effects with live action footage (among many other features). There are an infinite number of possibilities when working with footage in After Effects, but the following video demonstrates the basics so you don’t get overwhelmed. The video covers:

  • Working with footage
  • Color correcting
  • Speed changes
  • Noise reduction

Want to learn more about manipulating footage in After Effects? Check out our tilt-shift tutorial or our blurred faces post.

We will post new lessons every Monday for the next 3 weeks. Check the Premiumbeat blog for future lessons. And while you’re there you can watch more After Effects tutorials, read the latest filmmaking news and pick up some post-production tricks!

What did you think of this lesson? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.