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Inspiration! 12 Excellent Aerial Photography Reels

Danny Greer

We’ve rounded up the very best aerial photography reels from around the ‘net!  Incredible shots from an elevated perspective.

Aerial photography has come a long way in the last few years.  New radio controlled aircraft technology coupled with lighter, higher resolution cams, equals some really amazing aerial photography work.  In the following aerial photography demo reels you’ll see a variety of production styles and equipment, from DSLR outfitted RC helicopters to breathtaking video images shot with Cineflex aerial and RED cams.  See the world from an elevated perspective in this aerial photography roundup!

Brain Farm Aerial Reel 2012 by Brain Farm

2012 Reel by SnapRoll Media

Copter Kids Aerial Reel by Trent Palmer

Aerial Reel by RC Aerial Cam by RC Aerial Cam

J&G 2010 Aerial Selects Reel by Jewell&Ginnie

Vortex Aerial 2012 Demo Reel by Vortex Aerial

Birds Eye Productions Demo Reel by Birds Eye Productions

AERIAL REEL by Daniele Ferrero

Bali Aerial Reel by 3heads

Demo Reel 2011 by Horizon Aerial Photography

Aerial Reel by meg kettell

Indie Aerial Reel 2012 by Indie Aerials Reel