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Create Awesome Animations with the 3D Camera in After Effects

Danny Greer

Add another dimension to your video and animation projects by using the 3D camera in After Effects!

After Effects’ 3D camera can be used to quickly create motion and add depth to your animation projects, but understanding how to make it work effectively can be complex for the unfamiliar.   Talented After Effects designer and online instructor Dan Stevers presents this comprehensive tutorial on how to use the After Effects 3D camera in your projects.

Dan provides downloadable After Effects project files and media elements so you can walk through the 3D camera tutorial step-by-step.  In this tutorial you’ll learn how to:

  • Bring PSDs into your AE project
  • Resize images and graphics
  • Use the After Effects 3D camera to move in X, Y and Z space
  • Keyframe camera movement
  • Smooth camera moves by modifying keyframe interpolation and “Rove Across Time”
  • Change After Effects camera views
  • Define focus distance (set foreground or background to be out of focus) and modify aperture
Discover how using the 3D After Effects camera can speed up your post-workflow and make your projects more dynamic!