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Cool After Effects Tutorial: Distorted Type & Data Glitch

Danny Greer

Give your text a grungy tech look by creating distorted digital type and video in After Effects.

AE Scripts Plugins Data Glitch

Lloyd Alvarez over at AEScripts.com presents two great tutorials for giving any text or video element a glitched-out tech look.  Using the Data Glitch 2.0 plugin for After Effects, you can create a distorted digital studder effect that’s perfect for a movie trailer or title sequence.  This edgy look works well for any project dealing with technology, computers or the future (think: Inception).  Take a peek at examples of this effect:

Lloyd lays out the process to achieve this contorted high-tech animation style in 2 detailed video tutorials.  One quick note, these tutorials aren’t for the After Effects newbie.  Like many of the high-quality tutorials over at AEScripts, a familiarization and prior experience with After Effects is highly recommended before jumping in.

Simulate realistic digital image distortion with Data Glitch 2.0, currently avaliable for $79.99.  A free trial is also avaliable to try before you buy.