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After Effects Shortcut: Close All Open Compositions

Danny Greer

Reset your workspace by closing all open comps in After Effects with this handy shortcut.

Adobe After Effects

If you’re working with a complex After Effects project (comps in comps in comps) you can quickly clear your workspace by closing all open compositions.

The following 1 minute video tutorial by the always enthusiastic Baker, of BakersTuts, explains how to do it (written explanation below). For more After Effects tutorials subscribe to Baker’s frequently updated YouTube channel.

Command + W on Mac (or Control + W on PC) is the default shortcut to close windows, tabs, etc in most applications. So, when you have a composition selected in After Effects and use the CMD + W shortcut it will close that window.

Now, add Shift to that shortcut and you can close all AE comps:

After Effects Shortcut

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